Back in the past

It seems like ages since I first came out to my wife with all of the heartache and tears that that involved but it was definitely worth it. Instead of having to deress in secret I was able to dress openly when the occasion arose.

So much so that she persuaded me to have a weerend away with her and spend it as Tina. Below are the first pictures we took in the hotel room when my wife first met Tina in person.  Wow have I come a long way since then.

Transgender Fiction

Over many years I have been a fan of transgender fiction. Having access to the internet is a boon which has allowed me access to many different authors and sites where fiction is available. I am no really looking for pornographic material rather the fictionalised tales of people I think I may be like and who are able to take their lives further than I am able.

One of my favourite authors is Sandy Thomas who has a large collection of downloadable material, at a price.

Most of her books concern the change from male to female with various amounts of forced feminisation and may of them have illustrations which enhance the stories.

One story concerns the involvement of a police woman whose husband is also on the force but is, to say the least, not anyone of great import. The gist of the story is that the husband is persuaded to undergo training as a woman in order to entrap a criminal, reluctantly at first but increasingly becomes enthused with his feminine persona.

This book has illustrations by Puyal which enhance the story immensely. Below is one of the illustrations showing the hapless husband being fondled by the wife’s detective sergeant boss in his office, much to the shock of the wife.

I found that learning to kiss a man was part of Larry’s training. “What’s going on here?” I startled them.
“Hi, Jo,” Dirk smile, “Just continuing Larry’s training, and he needs lots of practice.”

I was intrigued by this image and wondered what it would be like if it was coloured so I worked on it to produce the image below. I think it is a small improvement.

Welcome 2019

Well another year and who knows what it will bring. Probably much of the same with occasional brilliant moments and lots of sameness. Hopefully there will not be too many disappointments along the way.

As this is my personal blog and I am a little bit of a narcissist here is another picture.

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